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Improving Client Outcomes for Wealth Managers
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Risk Management Platforms for Wealth Managers

WMO will help wealth managers create & operate a risk management offering that operate at the highest quality standards and serves as an extension of the firm’s existing client experience

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Alternative Assets for Wealth Managers

Alternative assets and the private capital markets are a potential source of lower correlated yield to the broader markets and outsized returns.  WMO will help you address and safely access this expanding market

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Sales Strategy & Sales Management

Sales people and sales strategy are so often the key drivers of success. Optimizing opportunities, customer satisfaction, profitability and culture are more crucial than ever. We have extraordinary expertise in helping your organization

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M&A and Capital Raising

The wealth management, asset management and insurance industries are seeing an unprecedented level of M&A activity.  We can assist companies that are looking to find the right partners that fit their goals regardless of market conditions.


Wealth Management Outcomes, is a boutique management and strategy consulting firm focused on helping wealth managers improve client outcomes for their goals.  The focus of the firm is on building or re-engineering risk management and alternative asset practices of wealth managers.  The firm also provides M&A advisory services for both buy-side and sell-side clients.  


The company was founded by Jonathan Jacobs an executive with a track record of almost 30 years of leadership, growth and ingenuity in the wealth management industry.  This includes incorporation of annuity, life insurance and alternative asset practices through wealth management platforms with a focus on RIAs.  Jon has a strong track record of independent RIA, institutional and retail client relationships.  The firm has unique insights and abilities that can drive actual results.  We work with clients to identify their firm’s objectives, determine the near-term and long-term goals, create a plan that is appropriate for the firm and its resources and then support the actual execution of that plan over time.  Again, the results matter!


The firm is based in Salt Lake City, Utah – one of the fastest growing cities in the United States!

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