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Sales Strategy & Sales Management

Sales people and sales strategy are so often the key drivers of success. Optimizing opportunities, customer satisfaction, profitability and culture are more crucial than ever. We have extraordinary expertise in helping your organization

  • Sales and Advice Platform Analysis – WMO will work to determine the effectiveness of your current service offering, the effectiveness of your client engagements and determine an optimal service, product mix as well as complimentary services being offered.


  • Recruitment & Development – The ability of the firm to both acquire and develop their advisors is a crucial component for success.  We will look at both functions – the recruiting and the development of advisors including how to create career paths for different professionals. 


  • Compensation Models – WMO can help you build and maintain compensation models that drive the firm’s current and long-term goals. We can restructure, create a new model or simply update current models. 


  • Building a Successful Culture – The success of any sales organization is directly correlated a company’s culture.  We will work with you to create a sales culture that drives results while simultaneously setting the standard for the firm's culture.

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