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Risk Management Platforms for Wealth Managers

WMO will help wealth managers create & operate a risk management offering that operate at the highest quality standards and serves as an extension of the firm’s existing client experience

  • Firm Assessment & Options – Determine how risk management can be structured, supported and marketed. What does your firm want from risk management? How that can be successfully structured and executed?

  • Platform Design & Launch – WMO will lead the effort to design, build and launch the platform including negotiations with partner companies.


  • Training & Education – Work to build a strong understanding of risk management, how the firm will position it with clients and how it will be supported by the firm’s teams.


  • Technology – We will integrate the risk management platform into the firm’s existing technology stack.


  • Interim Management – WMO will provide you with interim management of the risk management practice to achieve a faster and more effective launch. 

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Alternative Assets for Wealth Managers

Alternative assets and the private capital markets are a potential source of lower correlated yield to the broader markets and outsized returns.  WMO will help you address and safely access this expanding market

  • Firm Assessment & Options – We will conduct a thorough process to determine how alternative assets can be sourced, modeled, managed and serviced within the firm.


  • Review Offerings – WMO will do an analysis of investing styles, investment vehicles and professionals to utilize for this asset class.


  • Platforms & Partnerships – We will help your firm make an optimal determination on which platforms and managers work best to support your strategy.


  • Technology – We will integrate the alternative asset offering and the technology of partners in to the firm’s existing technology platform.


  • Sourcing & Managing of Managers – We will continue to source new alternative investment options for the firm as part our commitment to the success of the practice. This includes the option to help monitor existing partnerships for current and future investments. 

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Sales Strategy & Sales Management

Sales people and sales strategy are so often the key drivers of success. Optimizing opportunities, customer satisfaction, profitability and culture are more crucial than ever. We have extraordinary expertise in helping your organization


  • Sales and Advice Platform Analysis – WMO will work to determine the effectiveness of your current service offering, the effectiveness of your client engagements and determine an optimal service, product mix as well as complimentary services being offered.


  • Recruitment & Development – The ability of the firm to both acquire and develop their advisors is a crucial component for success.  We will look at both functions – the recruiting and the development of advisors including how to create career paths for different professionals. 


  • Compensation Models – WMO can help you build and maintain compensation models that drive the firm’s current and long-term goals. We can restructure, create a new model or simply update current models. 


  • Building a Successful Culture – The success of any sales organization is directly correlated a company’s culture.  We will work with you to create a sales culture that drives results while simultaneously setting the standard for the firm's culture.

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M&A and Capital Raising

The wealth management, asset management and insurance industries are seeing an unprecedented level of M&A activity.  We can assist companies that are looking to find the right partners that fit their goals regardless of market conditions.

Buy-Side Advisory – Buy-side advisory services with a focus on identifying companies that fit  growth capital investors as well as opportunity investors.

  • Sell-Side Advisory – WMO can assist companies that wish to find the right partner for their firm’s long-term goals.

  • ​Private placements – We can help companies identify and arrange debt facilities, minority and control transactions.

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